Da TRIF at a recital:



Destination Emoji


Heโ€™s pretty damn good and is a legend for even passing to all those rigged comps

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I think both he and Debargue are balancing on a knifeโ€™s edge careerwise right now. The one recital Iโ€™ve attended with Trifonov was certainly good, and I think he did well with Babayan at their recent Carnegie recital too, but itโ€™s rare to hear him like that. What you typically get is super awkward and super soapy. I agree heโ€™s got it though - he just needs to deliver.

I saw him live twice years ago and sorta didnโ€™t get what all the fuss is aboutโ€ฆ I mean, heโ€™s certainly better than a lot of big competition pianists, there was something personal in the playing, and some kinda interp always, so that was nice, but I wasnโ€™t jawdropped

I was jawdropped by his langlangisms however, so I wonโ€™t be buying a ticket to see him again I think


Heโ€™s more lyrical and less percussive than many of the competition robots

i can agree