da TRU encore piece~

hahah Da VOL vs Da HO


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HAHAH tru, vote fo tiz

da jeff might actually attempt one

another great encore i wud recommend: mendy etude op.104, no.3.

I learnt da HO, literally the hardest thing I’ve ever played and I absolutely did not do it justice (maybe in 10 yrs time, or more lykly never). It’s probably the flashiest HO tranz. I hate da Vol, tiz pure garbage imo. I like random moizt encorez like Schubert/Liszt tranz.

ahaha…PIMP FF

Seconded. Rachmaninoff’s amazing rec won me over to that.

Horowitz’s transcriptions are far far better than Volodos’ and some aren’t nearly as hard as they sound (Carmen Variations seems especially rewarding in that regard).

da Mendy iz actually quite wikid
(by da handz of da uncle Vlad)

but i need zumthin flazhy, daim

and iv i do go fo da HO, hu’z tran (among thoze dat floatz on internet) u wud think iz da bezt.

the Turksheeyat is zo lame. Diz comparizon iz not fair.

da MENDY ROCKY zheeyat zhitzo from midnight fuckin dream :stop: :stop:

They’re all about the same. Some put the third section on three staves some on two. They’re pretty accurate, but I had to correct one or two things.

yo brew, mind sharing a little bit ov da amendment? and which verzion u uze?
(i am cunzidahrin learning tiz fo zhor)

da Jeff…i iz sorry fo tellin u to learn tha ZZF

learn da volodochick zart inztead…u vil juz sound dumb lyk everybody else if u attempt da HO ZZF

learn da volodaholik inztead 8)


I used Pellisorious. The changes were really minimal; in the second ‘transition’ part I played it as repeated octs in both hands rather than what was written (if you see da vol vid he does the same thing), also fixed a couple of rhythmic nuances throughout (I didn’t write these in and it’s hard to describe without showing you in person). Also most of the versions leave out a little grace note that he plays at the beginning (which I think is gensui but I never managed to play like da HO). I also removed a few unnecessary notes that they had in there (which I wasn’t convinced da HO actually played).

i think the saint saens/liszt/horowitz ‘‘danse macarbre’’ is a great encore :smiley: !

Gilels’s mendy etude (LP) is legendary also.

I would love to hear that!

tha RAMEAU - Eygptzian Chick 8)

both suck

HAHAHAH n rob, zince 2001 diz haf alwayz been ma fav baroque piece ov all fuckin tym

juz fuckin randomly