Diz biatch a wikid PIMP Zpecializt!

1 ov da moz wikid TE zetz evah from diz random French houzewyf lookin biatch!


Tru, Madame Liszt. I’m pretty sure I’ve visited her grave, though I might be confusing with Engerer.

She doesn’t seem to be very well known outside France.

Her playing is brutal at times, very ballsy playing for a woman who looks like a random old housewife!

Chris posted a big boxset of her Liszt recordings a while back, I really enjoyed it. There’s an interesting (and long) interview with her on a French website; she didn’t think much of Marguerite Long!

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Those recs are all pretty good even if sound sometimes sucks. This lady had high T for sure


:dong: Bit lyk diz chick

Da TRUCLIT an appropriate nick tru

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Look at that crotch bulge. Didn’t even do a good job tucking his twig and giggleberries.

Holly would smash everyone here – and den on da semi-conscious victim force da truclit cunnilingus

Haha def some T toddling.

Sort of like a female white rhino situation there.

AHAHAHAHA REZPEC da zumwut protrudin

beer belly :sunglasses:

Now da brew see em!

Obvious tranny is obvious. Your problem is you think that anyone who isn’t a horsefaced chinese is tranny.

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