da trumofo banz tha rob from readin hiz poztz

ahahaha i dun agree wit tha :tm: dizplay of racizm, howevah i ztill want to read tha inzanity/genzui n watch tha imrpov vidz tru :whale:


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Ok bros, I am not gay at all. I think guy’s are gross as shit.

I met a new girl a few weeks ago. About a 7 face buy 10 body. She’s pale, red hair and a GREAT round butt. She’s a massage therapist and a freak. She’s into really weird shit.

So last night she has me get an enema in the shower then gives me a massage. She starts to finger my butt and lick it. She then whips out a lifelike ejaculating dildo. Man dudes, I was like **** nobut she tells me to relax and dont ruin the mood. I had my guards down after the massage also.

She then proceeds to finger me and has me suck the dildo. As shes working me from both ends she gets the dildo inside me and starts pounding away. Took a while and hurt like hell at first. Then I started to feel “filled up”. After a while of crazy positions she ejaculated the dildo inside me, weird feeling. She then starts sucking me off and the dildo!

Not gay at all bros, but that was some intense shit.


:whale: :whale:

hAhHhAhhAHhAH rob randomly cummah to diz concert tomorrow tru:

W. A. Mozart: Piano Trio in C major, K. 548
A. Piazzolla: ‘Otono Proteno’
‘Primavera Proteno’
F. Schubert: Piano Trio in E-flat major, D 929

Friday, August 11 at 8:00 pm
Walter Hall

tiz pozzible ve vill watch diz fo free from da recording ztudio 8)

tomorrow iz da 4th

tiz randomly copied from an out-of-date pamphlet tru, tomorrow iz da TRU date

FUCKKK i try to znd tha :tm: a requezt to unblock mahabdzefl from readin thiz sheeyatez but i git thiz harzhnezz:


Addition impossible : this user ignores you

ahahaha daim tha :tm:

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how do you know if you iz blocked? :dong:

as far as I can tell he hazn’t pozted in five or six dayz.

duz diz mean i iz blocked??

no, that just means the US finally deported him…and in russia he doesant heff internet access…

hahah fuckkkkkk da :tm:


haha, u iz off da ignore liszt, my brotha.

hahahaha TRU

respec :tm: 8)



elena wud be proud :pimp: