Da TRUMOFO unleashes his STRAUSS parasheeyat FUCKK

Strauss-Trumofo Weiner Blutt Raw unleash run

tru, not even learnt yet, but da premiere iz tomorrow.
fuck. at least it’s memorized.

this is my Paraphrase of Weiner Blutt tru. Hommage to GODOWSKY.

Listen at your own risk.
It’s memorized but that’s about it.
An unlearnt RAPE 8)


Haha dis not quite representative of da TRUMOFO playing 8)
Diz paraphrase is for October tru

I need to play sum scales or sum sheeyat, MANN. 8)

FUCKKKK, ok, here is a runthru on my HOUZE 88 which doesn’t quite sound like ass.

but still unlearnt tru 8)


:stop: :stop: :stop: