da truth about da speedy is revealed

i know who dis mofo is, and all i gotta say is RESPEC!


Thanks man and RESPEC back to the craziest pianist registrated on any Forum ever. Chill all over.

hahaha, indeed - i am da legendary penis who turned da whole piano-forums community upside down and unleashed ma fury, respec 8)

haham I knew it was da Swedish mofo. I just knew it man! 8)


dats rite! , u shud reconize da swedish accent 8)

Kirkas sinä tietää kuka minä olla Scrabinist.

haha, da suomi mofo

hahaha, da speedy lives on an island off da west coast of sweden 8)

Only 13,000 people living there so don’t expect us to be normal. Should get some new blood over here.

haha, if dere r some hot chix den id be more den happy to provide da requisite juices 8)

I send a list with names, photos and phone numbers.

hahahahahahhaha, respec

also send some feline pics 8)