Da :lib: trying to tell us something?


The baby blood keep him young!

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ahahahah da illuminazheeyat azzign da LIB da important job of diztractin from da tru date: :sunglasses:

the United States has it’s very first Pluto Return on 2/20/2022 coinciding with the second 222 day of the month. Since America is a relatively young country, it has never experienced the return of Pluto or the start of a new Pluto cycle. For your reference, when Pluto—the lord of destruction, transformation and power—makes a return (which takes approximately 247 years) that entity (in this case, the US) has an opportunity to let go of archaic systems and structures that no longer benefit the masses, so that every individual associated with that entity gets to maximize the potential of their soul.


People’s Republic of America cummah ?

or pozz zupervolcano :sunglasses:

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I hope da LIB applied fo hiz NZL pazzport :sunglasses: