Da TS Brahms RHAPPA 2 tube hack

hahaha I share myself wit da world

criticise bitches. however I would like to say that unlike most of you I am not a music student, and have always just played as a hobby; so dont be overly harsh or you will hurt mah oh so senstive feelings.

also i am aware that my piano is a bit out of tune, and that my quiet parts are not dat quiet.as my dynamics range from mf to ff…and that i have the touch of a brick. haha. I am working on that.

I’m not sure that the sound is really your fault, it’s hard to get a good pianissimo on an upright. God knows I’ve battled with mine for years. Incidentally, I think you play it well (sorry can’t offer any useful criticism as I don’t know the piece that well). And it looks like you could easily span a 12th or even 13th —> uber jealousy on my part.

my only criticism is the plethora of Tori Amos vids…is something probably you should keep to yourself :whale:


hahaha well I was keeping those to myself. what about my smokey cabin vid? :whale:

ahahhaa man tha drunkn robbah juz obzervin thiz vid wit awe 8)

u haff zpitirit fo zho :krit:


hahaha da TS regards da words of drunken robbah with great respec :laughing:

btw dat kuerti rip is still coming. haha sorry for delay. tonight for sure.

brahms rhapsody op.79/2 in g minor -

da TS doth attempt da 1st rhapsody?

haha pozz is on da agenda. however ive been playing a lot of brahms lately and it also requires significantly more girth than da 2nd rhap. Maybe next month.

I thought u was black? :blush: