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Wtf Da Wellingtonz Victory arranged for 2 88z and 2 cannons haha


op.58 Piano Concerto #4 in G, revised version from December 1808, is played by Maurizio Paciariello, with the Sassari Symphony Orchestra conducted by Roberto Diem Tigani on Inedita CD/SACD PI 2366, as “Beethoven Rarities vol.7.” Beethoven revised the concerto for the performance at his December 1808 monster concert, changing 130 bars in the first and third movements. For some reason, these changes were never accepted by the music world as his final thoughts on the concerto, although it is apparently the case. Inedita is apparently defunct, and this long out-of-print CD is itself now a rarity. The revised version is also found on Conifer Classics #75605-51237, with Mikhail Kazakevich as soloist, Charles Mackerras conducting the English Chamber Orchestra. This CD is also long out of print but may be available here.

Does anyone have this? How the hell can this even be?


@mikey Still interested in this rec?

Also, I think Brautigam plays this version, and Levin plays it in the quintet version of the concerto. I like it, but it is kind of shocking when hearing it at first. The additional stuff sounds very improvised.