da valar vs. da ho

da valar questionz da ho

put foawrd yo criticizmz mofo 8)

who’s valar ?

a random mofo on dis forum who HATES da ho

I dont mind ppl dislike da Ho, but one thing they should not neglect is that Horowitz is the most loved pianist in the 20th century. Well, some might say Rubinstein, but after both of them died, Horowitz’s fame is undeniably phenomenal. You see his rec and hear him everywhere you go basically. His recordings have been studied all over the world. Lots of young pianists are trying to be the 2nd Horowitz. They imitate every sheeyat he did. As a result, not a single pianist ever succeeded. Horowitz is a dayum unique figure. No one can replace him and no one ever will.

The one and only.


well said kritty 8)

Da Pimp woz a mofo but i think da Ho ownz him 8)

Mah vies on da Ho:

-his rach3 is fukin sd in every way
-his FUUURY on shit like his stars and stripes and his rach sonata2
-his transcripshuns and composishuns
-DAYUM his rach sonata2 kicks ass
-russian accents kick ass

-his banging is not furius, but comedic genius
-his best stuff is his mozart and scarlatti… WTF? :open_mouth:
-his mephisto waltz (suckz ballz like his mom on 2for1 bj day)
-his herioc polonaise (fukin see above)
-his chopet 25 no3. WTF, i can play dis sheeyat better FUCK, fukin check it out
-his acuracy is a little shit. i mean, fuck, it isnt even furious mistakes, dey r just ghey

i heard it, and U IZ DEFINITELY FULL O’ SHEEYAT. 8)


i disagree wit every single negative point 8)

i disagree wit every single negative point 8)

mah thoughts exactly

mah thoughts exactly

well fuck u guys
his mephisto waltz fucking SUCKS SO MUCH ASS
its unbelievable

WOW i’ve never seen that before

valar iz da tru microscopic cock wid no girth 8)

valar iz da tru microscopic cock wid no girth 8)

damn strait

I will write u a thesis and prove why you are wrong once I finish my final exams.