I noe dat Liszt’s Valse Impromptu is not an SDC approved piece but it should be. I have 4 recordings with dese timings:

Rubinstein: 5’24’’
Howard: 5’09’’
Mystery Mofo: 5’16’’
Hoffman: 5’19’’

I’m going to try a sub- 4’30’’ rec but I need to do that at the cost of musicality in the slow sections. 8)

And yeah, I need to learn to play it properly first.

Hahahaha dis piece iz classified undah da “Furious Moistenahs” section of da Encyclopeodia of SDC reproductoire. It iz in fact a neglected mastahpiece with hidden FURY left largely unexplored. Therefore we applaud you on yo quest to unveil itz tru potential. 8)

chairman concurs 8)

plus - FUCK da moisture

ram da cunt wit yo fury fo da whole duration

dats mah advice

Have you heard Cziffra’s?

koji (STSD)

hahaah, i have dis on dvd 8)


Dmitris Sgouros plays the piece in 5’52’', but it’s very slow in the slow parts.

ziff = fast

u shud know da formula by now 8)