da Viktoriya


wut a legend

unlyk moz random weak 88 rock/metal covahz diz biatch do gensui accurate sheeyatz

when da nu tallica zongz wuz gettin leakd…zhe lernt dem n pozted wizin hourz :stop:

da riff are weak but da zolo are cg :stop:

compare wiz othaz :stop:

her izlamic bombah at 16 iz zumwd rezpectably.

hahaha diz classic-style pianisim iz rezpectable

youtube.com/watch?v=aaYrr0sx … annel_page

zumwd hittable too

this is actually respectable indeed, great covers, you hardly hear them so good on piano. perhaps hittable but not too pretty face 8)

What amuses me is how many hack guitarists think her videos are sped up. Just goes to show… guitarists are too slow, not to mention sheeeyat :whale: :stop: