Da Whale in Seoul - Labour Day Concert


Just back from my Korea trip 2 weeks ago; had to share this legendary poster with you mofos.


he played those 3 concerti in the one night? impressive. got bootleg?

it’s on 1st may… :wink:

oh snap, well is he going to do all those in one night? pretty taxing even for him.

haha how iz diz zurprizin?

dere vil breakz n da WHALE iz noen to be a doublefigah praxxa

Nah, if he plays them with the usual detachment, he could probably go on for hours.

haha how wuz korea 8)

hahaha zepp programin ztyle :whale:

Korea was da bomb - was in Seoul for one of their crazy concerts! Just missed Kissin, who was at the Seoul Arts Centre 1 day earlier playing his recital. Toured Incheon (the ski resorts) which thankfully wasn’t that cold in April (only 1 degree Celsius) - and the freaking gorgeous, romantic Jeju Island (Cherry Blossoms in full bloom). You guys should bring your gfs or wifes there - it’s really a woman’s paradise in Seoul (cheap skincare products and even crazier sales on clothes), and for Jeju Island (stay at Lotte Hotel - crazy extravagance for a reasonable price).

Definitely go there before their currency appreciates again. I’m making a trip there again next year.

you left out the most important part, how hot were the chicks

Let’s just say that Korean Plastic Surgeons are the best in the world, period.

Haha! That’s so true. Did you visit any special places in Jeju?

christ, the only thing missing from that program is bartok 2