Da white TATUM reincarnate?

Hmmm pretty cool

Tho, while this does have TATUM vibe, it’s kinda like watching Nagisa Mitsuki (sometimes spelled Misuki 渚みつき ) , who was cast into Suzu Ichinose (一之瀬すず ) kind of roles (after the latter retired)

There is a similar vibe but…

Kinda lacks the unbridled insanity n raw ability.

There will never be another Tatum, or Suzu for that matter.

Review by Dr. TRUMOFO :copyright:


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I like da gensui 1940’s style Tatum harmonies

Da HARSHNESS dat any mofo why try to play “Tatum style” or outright Tatum transcriptions

Is da inevitable lack of rhythmical precision, lightness, articulation and overall INSANE EASE, dat was present in every Tatum rec.

Makes you go “nah, this ain’t Tatum”

Is that pre-kingpin Walter White?

What kind of electronic piano was he playing in the beginning?

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this man seems pleasant I hope he gets through Covid fuckery alright…

He’s been off YouTube for 7 years. Piano tuner by trade.

Apparently he plays a ton of standards in the “Tatum” stride style…