Da :pimp: works dat haff not grown on yo azz.......... yet 😎

(Adult works only.)
Dizcuzz furiouzly :dong:
My nominasheeyat:

Da grozz cunt zolo :sunglasses:

Even his “worst” sounding zongz

Is genzui compoz

Worst piece imho -

Far better in the orchestra - :pimp: ‘s student arranged it fo piano solo and da pimp corrected it n it is credit to da PIMP by da LEZBOO

I learned it fo da 2011 pimp comp

Duuude. I think that’s one of his most undeservingly neglected masterpieces. :slightly_smiling_face:

My nomination would probably be some Weimar incidental stuff with fest or marsch in the title.

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I like it in da orch but never found it effective on da 88

The few times I played it in public, mofos would tell moi after “what da FUCK was dat zong?”

I haff my 2011 pimpcomp broadcast of it somewhere. Tiz not really an 88 work n shud be categorized as a pimp student trans

I unleashed it fo da ROSE in a lesson… he was sitting, fidgeting, did not even last until da chorale and wuz lyk “WHAT DA FUCK IS THIS SHIT PIECE, man?! You picked it??!”


As an orchestral piece I find it quite beautiful, but you iz right that it doeszn’t work so well for da 88. I know it as Midnight Procession, tiz a programmatic orchestral work based on Lenau’s Faust.

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Yes, I never found it effective on the piano

I mean, I love da Rimzky Sadko op 5 but in a piano solo trans it will sound like trash

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You mean original 88 workz?
Perhaps Hymne du Pape. :yawning_face:

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Da parasheeyats on Tony and on God fuck da king are pretty bad stuff too, though the source material is poor tbf.

I like da canzonetta, it’s cute in it’s own folksy way.

I was undah da imprezzion da man could do no wrong on dis forum…

Ha, da pimp had a sexy af career, but that doesn’t stop it haffing da odd outbreak of herpez.

I have yet to find a work of his that I dislike all the way.

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The one I posted first up is the only one I can think of where I just don’t see anything redeeming about it.

Needs a decent perf tho

A folklore based melody source tru? I think it might work well when unleashing da full book tho.

I’ll listen when I have wifi. It’s kinda “rustic”, and I don’t think that area is part of da pimp’z skillz. More a :kan: ztylee.

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thread title made mo respectful


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