Da Wuns Byg Penist Cuntest - Da Gav 🤬🤳 vs Da 🐷 o -🤷‍♂️ 🤮

Pick yo poison for tonight’s obligatri rektal :hear_no_evil:


Ravel - Gaspard
Liszt - Sonata
Rach - 2 MMs
Chopin - Ballade 2, Sonata 2
Encore: Islamey

  • Da G :volcano: V
  • Da :pig:o

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I’ve been at it before but I have exactly zero interest in hearing Gavrilov today. Decades of coke use has fried off whatever talent he once had. I think he sounds like any bloke on the street who’s taken up an enthusiastic interest in music.

Pogo’s genius is still in there, he just has problems channeling it. I doubt I’d enjoy the recital but it would at least be the work of a musician with abilities greater than mine.

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You and I approach this in the same way – as something serious which somehow might become transcendent. I’d take Ivo too but for a night of aggressive (unintentional?) comedy it would have to be Gav.

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I don’t know… I’ve laughed enough at him already as it is. :innocent:

Besides with Pogo in the deck it is serious - he is one of my great heroes at the keyboard. I wouldn’t pay the prices he charges today (and he wouldn’t be invited up here anyway), but if I somehow found him playing near me for a normal ticket fee I would go. To pay rezpek, and to see the man in the flesh.

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Pogo all da way!

Use of emojis was pretty Genzui here


I don’t remember his tickets being so expensive. The recital in Prague was between 20 and 35 euros, nothing excessive. He’s still interesting in anything :wim:

Oh. I saw a concert advertised with him not that long ago where the seat I would have wanted went for around 100€.

I don’t know where that would have been…A summer festival like Kissingen maybe? I don’t know if he’s invited to those any more.

Da :gav: I’ll get out quickah, tho my hearing may be fried by the end. :clock1:


:pig:o iz da :wim:ah. I see some members here couldn’t stomach either.

Da :gav: becuz there wuld be juz an element of entertainment and thrill

Without da would-be “deep” Pogo distortions. :face_vomiting:


I’m sure hearing da BOMBAH in da gavrapizt interp of throwing rocks at da 88 wud be hard to forget, no mattah how much you tried. :gav:


I vote Gav because I didn’t understand the question. :sunglasses:


I think da :gav: haff pozz reached da point where he dun undahztand a lot of queztionz eithah :rectum: