Da WW (H) and da Mazeppa

You know da WW. Is da chopet for da technique or is the technique for da chopet? IE, do you learn it to develop techniquez or do you learn it after you learn da techniques :pimp: :chop: :whale:

And when you play da Mazeppa iz juzt to practice zl*w until you have it solid or do you use other praktizing tkneekz too? Which ones? IF only :doc: would tell us how to play wid fury. :rectum:

Btw when the dguyz nam eis “datruzepp” is “zepp” zhort for mazeppa or iz it some udder ztuff I zhould know :ziff:

da wintahwind iz a legendary chopfilez membah n da mazeppa, alzo tru

8) :rudy:


tru tru


Tru :whale:

true… :rectum:



hahahah tiz LEGENDARY FLANNEL and UGH boots. Damn da Lau a tru aussie even if you aint. 8)

Mazeppa is not that difficult actually, the main problem is the last variation with the leaps in both hands, but it can be conquered.

Harzhly I dun belief you played it. Dun even belief you are Jeffrey Lee.

You would know that the execution of chords throughout is difficult. The scale-like passages are awkward for any hands but Rachmaninoff’s. The third variation involves a great deal of leaps- either lose speed by getting higher arc or work like :whale: and just plan everything very carefully. Then, the hand position in the right-hand arpeggios is crucial. The 24 24 passages requires either a :whale: -like thirds tech or a tech that is unique to this piece which is very difficult and takes a long time to earn.

Muz*cal diffucultiez are primary. It all takes a lot of time and good practice techniques, but even then, forging a coherent interpretation of a piece already so hard to justify is difficult.

Of course, you could butcher it, like everyone on Youtube except for Berezovsky, but if you want to play it well and right, it’s up there with the hardest things out there.


hahaaha da dnephi maztahclazz :whale:

rezpc :pimp:

wtf 8)