da YAK won da Leedz

  1. Sofya Gulyak (rus)
  2. Alexey Gorlach (ukr)
  3. Alessandro Taverna (it)
  4. David Kadouch (f)
  5. Rachel Wai-Ching Cheung (hk)
  6. Jianing Kong (chn)


da jeff iz moz happy wif da no.1 and 2

that was easy to predict :rectum:


leedspiano.com/Home/The_2009 … ition.aspx

why is it that everyone except da YAK and da TITS (far right) looks malnourished?

(because they are, and da YAK lives of da fat of her winnings)

Is there any video footage?

She’s coming to College this year. Lord know’s why…

next week they are broadcasting. I will be able to upload…

respec da Yak, and tru… like… most predictable. Da Gorlach was also close to the 1st

whut tha fuck evah happnd to tha HITMAN

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thx @ tom :ziff: