Da Yuja has joined TicToc

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That took me a sec lol

With that insane finger tech I’m surprised she doesn’t play more music like this.

It’s still not in da Sok’s league.

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But yeah, she should play more Scarlatti and Couperin.

The concept for this concert is cool. She shoulda done Scriabin with some surreal sheeyat on the visual element.

A shame this legendary Tic Toc Choc isn’t recorded in better sound for a CD.

Yeah, she may have learned for this concert too with that huge ass brain.

Yeah, imagine Ligeti Devil’s Staircase with the some Escher shiatsu that was animated using AI in the background

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I LOVE piano but I end up counting ceiling tiles I get so bored visually at concerts. Would be sick!

Tic Toc Choc isn’t that hard for a pro, dude.

Yuja plays 2 programs a year and maybe 5 concertos.

Asiya plays way more than that. I recently talked to her and when described her schedule and what she has to play and when you consider the extremely highly level that she maintains…I start to think she’s a masochist.

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Good lord, I wish POON wore that kind of outfit

That was pretty wikid btw, I like her in that kind of rep

Oh yeah, she’s been doing the 24 Pimpets for years and said she could bring it back in a relatively short period of time…she’s a nut.

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That Etudes Tableaux she did in St. Thomas Church in New York…she drove 8 hrs from Boston to get there because of the flooding. Her arms were heavy as fuck from holding on to the steering wheel that long and yet she had to play in that ridiculously reverberant acoustic with a piano that had a heavy action and with a few hours of rehearsal to rethink her pedaling and articulation. Chick’s a badass.

I missed the concert and watched the stream, because I didn’t want to bother with the MTA delays…I’m a pussy.

She’s an awesome pianist yeah.

Lmao by 2030 we gonna have:

  • Yuja playing Poon’s rep
  • Poon dressing like Yuja
  • Volodos dressing like Yuja
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Aaaaaa FUCK

Your opinion may change when you hear that one of her mentors is Kevin Kennah.

After finish her Bachelors in Moscow and then MA in St. Petersburg, she moved to da US and studied with some pianist (actually pretty good, some recs are on streaming platforms) named Santiago Rodriguez in Miami.

I didn’t know about da Kennah until she told me on the phone (immediately thought of you, TM) that she wanted them to listen to the stream cuz she was unhappy with most of it.

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I just hope dat Volodos makes one more badass recording. He’s great in Schubert and whatnot, but I want one more epic unleash for posterity.

I’d love something really orchestral sounding from him.

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I already knew that, and I still always give credit where credit is due.

Imagine how many people my “mentors” fucked over? Lmao. Man…

She’s awesome regardless of which faggot she “studied” with. Art kind of goes way beyond any territorial petty bullshit (but I did cool on Plate after his Thai allegations, ew. Fucj that)

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Yeah or even some rare romantic era rep. Some Godo or really, anything.

Cuz you a tru mofo!

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Yeah, to clarify, TRUMOFO and not a TruTrumofo (pictured below)

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