da zepp attempt PURE-RAPE on a different animal

TRU diz not quite learnt yet but worth watchin fo da curiouzity factah pozz

da zepp harzhly not uzed to hiz rape victimz aggrezzively fightin back, metooin all ovah da place n fuckin up ma thruztah rhythm 8)

tru if u cut da random ztoppagez n do da coda at ztandard chopet zpeed

a zub 2min interp iz def pozz 8)

Hahaha holy shit!!!


da zepp also rec dis wiz his old phone fo maximum golden age vibe


Ok, I wuz about to ask whut iz diz KAN zong

But now I hear diz a godo 10-4

Da tube algo put diz genzui in da related vidz:

Good thonk


Is triple hyphen Chop - God - Zepp 10 4

Some very satisfying underground piano porn!!


Diz a fuckin legendary rec!!


Daim, I need to check da score to see how much da zepp added to diz already inzane score.

Cud da godo even play diz? 8)

Or diz a pure - at da desk, theoretical compo intellectual excerzheeyat? 8)

ahahahaha if u iz cuntent to play it lyk da zepp duz here, i think moz mofoz cud manage tru, even da GODO himzelf, pozz 8)

n harzhly da zepp traded in hiz nu phone fo zum priztine lobztah tail 8)

Hahaha diz cuntroversial claim!!

Rezpek da zepp!!!

This style inspired when starting practice on PagEt 5


So far this gonna be harder than I thought to get down but lots of repeating figures so I should be ok ibet.


mannnnnnn dat DIGI clearly unable to wizztand yo FURY!!! 8)

u need to make da final rec on a tru 88 to do juztice to diz interp u mofo!! REZPEC!!! 8)



K, diz et clearly too easy fo yo legendaire azz!

You are right, a few days in sorta sounds like music already. Going to thrust deeper and start to rape Paganini 6 from 1836. It don’t look super possible so should be more gooder. Will give myself 6 months here of weekend work to see if it goes.


Da early uncircumcised paganini cock!


u vil be cumpetin fo da SDC prize in da uncircumsized PIMPET category, which iz currently owned by

da BOBz 1837 ZEPP 8)

Hahaha daim

Unrelated note followed the score for early pag for tha Goran Filipec rec posted a while back FUCK!!! That guy!!! Shit!!! must be able to crack walnuts with his pinky and fourth finger …on left hand even

Haha also, rezpek da zepp fo da shock CG value of using “rape” and “animal” in da same sentence 8)

Hahaha I c


tru da zepp vil regret diz cg 20 yrz from now pozz :sunglasses:

but den again

da IOPA made a fuckin dick joke on lyk hiz 3rd evah SDC pozt, zo wutevah :sunglasses:

And da TM fucked a malnourished music stand on cam in his fuckin living room :blush: