da zepp endz hiz chill ztreak wiz an early brotha zon mvmt

tru, to avoid any copyrite claimz

da zepp decided to

chill no more 8)

diz harzhly az much PURE-RAPE az i iz allowed to unleazh on diz 88, a bit dizappointin but ztill 8)

Letz hear!!!

Fuckin GENZUI!
I commented right on da vid.

Randomly, dere iz almozt no piece dat da zepp can’t sightrape!

Rezpek! :pimp:

ahahahahah u mofo

da zepp iz ztill learnin da 3-page ZKEPTO zcribet requezt :zhreddah:

due to ma inzanely zheeyat memory, if i evah unleazh dat

tvil alzo be from da zcore 8)

Hahaha which scribet? Da 42-5?

Dat et a bit fucked to learn tho 8)

ahahahaha tiz a 3-page random trill et from da op45

FUCK i need to find da zcore again but tru da ZKEPTO formally requezted a 30sec interp 8)

ks.petruccimusiclibrary.org/file … 2_No.3.pdf






n den da RANDOM 10/5 entry from da LH OCT zect ic AHAHAH FUCKKK!!! 8)

Fuck. Da Bar home unleash.

Apparently da 10-1, coldfart n FF wuz BAR clazzics too

ahahahah da GOLDENAGE FF level tho

hittin 50% of da LH zkipz, wiz tremolo in da RH

wud be cunzidahed an inzanely accurate perf 8)

Which of them even recorded it besides da Fried ham ? :pimp:

Kentner (30’s)
Kitain (30’s)

And this dude:

3 random chicks:

Yeschenko 60’s rec

Mate your golden age definitions are completely fucked.

Golden Age: 1880’s until 1940’s tru

I wonder what da Ho FF sounded like…
Apparently he simplified it

For me, the Golden age ended at the generation before Horowitz’s.
Where it began is open for debate.
Basically it ends with the students of Liszt, Leschetizky, Rubinstein etc.

ahahah da HO pozz played all da key zectz uzin

da KAT octo polo openah move 8)

The Ho’s FF fingering in Mark Salman’s brain I bet. – based on evenings with Ho blurb. He had an alkan album I never heard out not too long ago, het he’s alive still to ask

Ahaha fuck, da brotha 14/1 last mvt! I did this for my grade 8 8)

I didn’t do 1.29 quite like da zepp tho, utter gensui!!!


zhorly u alzo didn uttahly RAPE da otha partz lyk da zepp did

n maintained a zingin tone thruout? 8)