da zepp randomly theorize da fakerudy phenomenon:

TRU: 8)

da fakerudy bazically mo lykly to happen to mofoz who prax fo prolonged periodz in a 100% accuracy zettin

bazically diz kind of prax force da fingahz to becummah tactilely aware of da zlitezt difference in point/ztrength/angle of contact, az well az relative elevation between black n white keyz etc, zo da brain iz unnecezzarily alerted by da zlitezt of errorz zince tiz clearly FELT by da fingahz. zo da tiniezt of errorz can cauze da flow of mvmt to be intahrupted :sunglasses:


in a PURE-RAPE approach, da fingahz r not trained to haff zuch fine tactile diztinction. A completely raped pzzg n an accurate one, vil feel exactly da zame to da handz of a pure-rape mofo, az long az da rape occurz in da general vicinity of da correct notez. Diz way da flow of mvmt vil alwayz continue unimpeded 8)

zo mofoz, incorporate zum PURE-RAPE into yo prax regimez n zay gudbye to da fakerudy :zhreddah:

daiiiiim diz long azz pozt can be zummarized thuzly:

if every lyn iz a fakerudy, den dere iz no fakerudy 8)


Da best way to combat a fakerudy disaster is to play underprepared rep in informal conditions and juz chill n impro when u fuckup

Da only way to combat dem iz to EMBRACE dem.
And bend them over, rape em, and IMPROV all ovah da fuckah!

U also need anal-ysis, to know zigzactly whut’s going on in da muzic while playin’.
U need da inna hearing dvlpment.
U need esp in Bach da breakin’ up in segments, and decadence points thru-out da piece so u exactly know where to start at a close point when u r fucking up.
U need da trainin’ of vizualization, badly
And tru…improv skillz da most valuable. in different stylez
Rely only on da finger mem = for da amateur :wink:

You know da whale claims to only use muscle memory.
I’ve seen one massive lapse from him, but that’s it.

I doubt he uses just muscle memory.

He has a wikid pitch n does sum kind jazz impro n sheeyat I think

Man, a Russian trained mofo would not use just muscle memory

ahahahaha da WHALE tho

wiz da zize of hiz rep, i dun think he haz TYM to anal-ze any zheeyat m*zically :sunglasses:

of da 3 main ruzzian mofoz of dat generation, da MENACE, da WHALE n da LUGY, bazed on da zepp theory

da LUGY iz da one moz lykly to zuffah a mazzive unrecovahrable FAKERUDY, even tho he iz alzo da moz m*zical n alzo da moz technically polizhed of da three :sunglasses:

da WHALE actually haz a lot of mini-fakerudyz dat he iz by now inzanely uzed to it. check da WHALE-zepp endin fakerudy recovahry tech, GENSUI :sunglasses: tho dere iz alzo da clazzic beached-on-ZCARBO vid, where he bazically zayz “diz zong iz a bit zheeyat, u noe how da rezt goez blablabla… de end” pozz can be interped az a takin-da-hi-road move :sunglasses:

da MENACE iz da kind of mofo who vil uze da JAP-ZKEPTO FOOT MOVE b4 he iz defeated by a fakerudy :sunglasses:

Man, I need to see da whale beached on scarbo! 8)

datz rite, dun let a fakerudy defeat yo azz wizout a FIGHT 8)



Check da WHALE-zepp fakerudy recovahry

diz gensui zlite-of-hand 8)


Da Whale quick thinking n compo gensui!

Da lezbo would not even notice 8)

AHAHAHAHAH mannnnnnn

i dun think anyone noticed in da 100 commentz, not even da URZEX TONYLAND MOFOZ liztenin to diz at 0.5x zpeed :sunglasses:


.5x speed, still outspeeding da clitburnah live rec:


An 8:37 zepp? Are u fuckin kidding me? 8)

A 12 year old girl can play it better


tho da fuckin :rectum: thougth twuz gud enuff fo :gold: 8)

He was judging based on looks 8)

Also, dat 12 year old chick tech, wtf 8)
Hopefully she went into JAV 8)

This is what he said.
I wonder if Cortot was like that too, which is why he was infamous for his lapses (even in his younger days)?


da DOC fakerudy chill run caught in cloze-up 8)

Dat was merely a finger slip, ZERO memory problems

:doc: :doc: :doc: