Da zepp reach POLLEN-ztudio zpeed

tru ztill a bit zheeyat, but wutevah :sunglasses:

:hand: :fish: :sunglasses:


da zepp a master at enriching the music with the keyboard sound.

That was even better than the dude I heard playing the finale of Beethovenโ€™s Moonlight in Prague central station on Friday night and who memory-lapsed and detoured into some mid-tempo jazz number.

ahahaha eventually da zepp vil make a rec wiz da digi volume turned down to 0

zo dat u vil hear all of da RAPE n none of da NOTEZ :sunglasses:


Impressive! Randomly da Fatmofo is the king of da noisy digi keyboard recs, but here da Zepp cummah with a random challenge for tha crown. Rezpec!

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ahahahahah tru da FATMOFO bazically own diz genre now. tho i wundah whoze DIGI vil be da firzt to break, da FATMOFOz or da zeppz :sunglasses:

alzo from a purely reminizheeyat point of view, i recall da original chopfilez SDC audition benchmark fo diz zong bein:


zo da handfizh-zepp iz now

almoz qualifyin :hand: :fish: :sunglasses:

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da full LH unleash, in dat position, while filming!

Rezpek da zepp

Alzo, rezpek da NO ZLOW DOWN middle sect!

Hahaha da pure noise?

Basically, diz haff da same effect az zurface noize :sunglasses:

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Damn! Such beautiful digi clicking!! right up there with Katsarisโ€™ pimp nails on his last album. Sadly, gotta give weekend piano a break for a while. NSA submitted info request on a product launch Iโ€™m involved in because of a cyptocurrency component that may actually be ever so slightly just an itty bitty tiny bit illegal, and intended launch is on the 22nd : (

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Hahahaha rezpek da zepp! Da HANDFIZH needz to be a mandatory round in da next chopcomp, tru!


Dats rite, da chop wood haff approved!

hahaha FUCKKKK da dezcendin partz totally impozzibru fo da MART

I iz now waitin da 2P/1zepp verzion :sunglasses:

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Datz rite! We need a keyboard/piano duet!!!

HAHAHAH tru it appear da MART iz already on hiz way to maztahrin diz tech!!

bazed on currently available ztatizdickal info:

95% of all HANDFIZH-related injuriez r cauzed by da dezcendin zheeyatz :sunglasses:

Tru, be careful mofo! No joke, dun go ovahboard wiz deze inzanely (genzui) handfizh positions.

Watch out fo pain n zheeyat

ahahahah TRU!!!

randomly da zepp juz zo uzed to playin in rape ztylee dat ma handz feel equally fucked in da normal poztion anyway :sunglasses:

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Bring back da handfish!!!

Mo discoveries is needed, mofo!


TRU da HANDFIZH vil return :hand::fish: :sunglasses:

da zepp juz finizhed hiz lazt collexion run fo da zeazon n vil now chill fo a few dayz in da legendary canadian wintah :snowman: :sunglasses:

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and tru, da collection a hard sheeyat.

I played a random gig on da NYC east side (some Christmas carol sightfuck zheeyat), n dat was December 15.
Aftah harassing dem non stop, I finally got da $75 check (for what, 3 hours of work not including da long ass commute?) mailed out to moi TODAY.

dats how u noe dese mofos iz wealthy, dey tried to jewed me right dere wiz sum roast beef dinnah, I wuz like - yeah, great dinnah - I still need da cash tho.

also, da dinnah was served to moi - not wiz da wealthy sponsors but in da dressing room.

:imp: I tell dem each time dat NO I iz NOT available to play fo deir events, but dey promptly schedule moi anyway.

I can play a ballet class at ma job for 90 mins n earn a decent $50, n da school is 10 mins away from ma fuckin house.
dat east side gig payment should be $150 minimum.

damn, I iz ranting but tru, fuck dat!!! gimme da goddamn money right then and there, are u sum kind of jooz??

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Hahaha HARZH. How do you not negotiate diz sheeyat befro you show up? :ho:

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