Da ZEPP sets a nu world record


Diz dezerveth a nu topic, mofo!

Ahahahaha diz pure cg only

Notice da zepp actually FAIL in memorizin diz 3min 90% muzcle-memo zong. Da 2nd to lazt page I go into da ticklah zheeyatz again b4 realizin da fakerudy. Den forced reentry into da LH random alt chrom zect

Iā€™m zhor if u tried to play lyk diz twud be a 2min zheeyat :stopwatch: :sunglasses:

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Hahaha I will pozz write a



HAHAHAH REZPEC!!! :sunglasses:

n remembah to

dedickate it to a jury membah (preferably da LEZBO) b4 da BIG COCK PIMPCOMP cummah :sunglasses:

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Da lesbo will only approve a LH ff

If tiz played at half da speed of his rec

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This way more in keeping with evil water nymphs!!! All this Liszt and experimental interping lured me back to the digi for a Liszt pag fake through after a month not looking at the shite. Will post. Is slightly more so young kwon style due to my advanced lazy bones disease. The shame will get me working on it again regular.

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