Da Zepp unleashes a random scale

Inspired by da Doc’s unleashing of a random scale during da “Supavirt” Docu interview, Da Zepp pays tribute and unleashes a random scale -da sheer randomness of which Ramrod would be proud of. 8)


hahahahahahaha, dis is a fuckin genius tribute - to undahstand da raw genius of dis - i think dis is a prerequisite -

to clarify mattahs

da zepp randomly betrayed his SD roots to provide me wit da file dat i sent him, dat he just uploaded to send to me to paste da link

so here it iz -

chopinforum.com/~mazeppa/da_doc_ … _scale.wav

duzzint work :cry:

haha, da zepp will rectify dat fo sho 8)


A slight adjustment on de back end 8)

da zepp delivahs 8)

hahaha wtf?
da chix went to da doctah fo a special consultation ?

Da randomness reminds me of da serkinator



hahaha, da serkinator is wikid

which interps r u talkin about ramrod?

dat right dur be da shit ppl want but can nvr have.




Ah, the rage :smiling_imp:

Damn!!! :angry:

The guest logins are hacking away at my post count.

fuck in autolog or some shit