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Live it sounds like a clattering mess. Same with chop con first movements Recs with close piano mic amazing

Aha dis 88zt topiq.

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hahaha harzhly i vil alwayz lyk tha gud generic chord progezzion partz in tha 3rd mvt :gav:

az wikid az da cello conc :sunglasses:

Ahahaha da moz gensui zheeyat about diz cunc iz da fact dat

10 yrz ago da zepp had a random convo wiz a non-penizt m*zician mofo

He zed da ZHOE 88 cunc iz wikid fo zhor

I zed hahah fo zhor he did not write one

He zed hahah wtf wanna bet?

I lozt $5 in de end :sunglasses:


Itz overplayed and not one of Zhoez bezt

But ztill pretty gud