da ZIFF LIVE 1957 ZABREZHEEYAT - real or fake?

AFAIC this is definitely Cziffra, and if you’ve compared it to the existing takes that means new rec. It also sounds like a French tape off the master which is exactly what I’d expect. Ziff was frequently on radio/TV there, and the ziff mofos have had a foot in at INA for well over a decade now from which new material has appeared regularly.

It’s real. :ziff:

I dunno, I just can’t get excited about this.

Da :rectum: wrote:
“zere’s no zong zat I hate moah. It zmellz like sheeyat.”

I concur :rectum:

I’m not ziff’s biggest fan either, but if we’re talking a new 50s recital…

I’m in 8)


I want da WHOLE rectal