da ZIFF LIVE 1957 ZABREZHEEYAT - real or fake?


  • Diz a bullz anuz!
  • Diz da ziff!

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reposting from da otha thread to giff diz da rezpek it deserveth.

I compared with his 4 other extant studio recs, and diz is UNIQUE and haz sum unique LEFT HAND WIKID rape!

:ziff: :ziff: :ziff: :ziff: :ziff:

howevah, diz a bit FISHY…


cud diz be da GREATEZT ZIFF FAKE OV ALL TYM??? :hatto: :hatto: :hatto: :hatto: :hatto: :hatto: :fury: :fury: :fury:

Findings a bit inconclusive and nothing really jumps out as super weird. If pushed I’d say its real and probably a post lame concerto perf encore

Randomly when looking at this noticed I have a Bumble and Sabre rape on APR Piano E Forte. When were those? I threw the cover away more than decade ago…

Those were the 1954 Budapest studio recs


da moz zuzpiciouz zheeeyat about diz rec iz juz


da fuckin hypnotic ztare down

az if to zay:


Damn Ziff cold stare!! Need to put a pic of this on the digi to keep me in line for my weekend piano fooling around. Positively would slow practice and count proper with that salty mug glaring back at me!

Sure as hell sounds like Ziff.

But… had a quick look at the audio and a couple of observations spring to mind.

The noise levels vary from place to place (perhaps most noticeably at the start - it sounds like just over a second of noise has been overdubbed).

At 1.50 there’s a volume discontinuity. Of course it’s an old recording and something could have gone wrong, but it sounds like the sort of thing you get when you splice two takes from different sources with volume mismatch.
No click but you have to be pretty careless to leave one in nowadays…

The effect is very obvious through decent phones. Putting it into an editor, very roughly speaking the first second and a half seem about 6db+ short below 500hz to 1000hz and the next few seconds about 3db short…

I’m not saying this guarantees anything, just I’ve edited a lot of stuff recently and I sure would sit up and pay attention if I heard this during editing…

It really wouldn’t surprise me if this is Ziff but >1 take spliced together and with some noise added in places.

Hmm :lib: :rock:

ahahahahah i iz zhor da ZIFF own prax ztylee iz at leazt a 50-50 zplit between RAPE and ACADEMIC GHEYNEZZ 8)

ahahahah truuuuu REZPEC diz analyziz!!

alzo, da TRUMOFO attempt to locate da zource iz alzo a valid inveztigative route

if diz wuz truly an authendick zheeyat, n da JONAZ MOFO ztill refuze to dizcloze da zource, den da SDC zpecial counzel wud be forced to cuntclude:


on very friendly termz wiz da MADAME 8)

Da mofo rezponded with
“Diz wuz da only zong broadcasted from dat rectal”

I zmell bullz anuz

Most prob. authentic.
Read the cumments by Monsieur Lorandin

“Paris Salle Pleyel 15 janvier 1957. Cziffra played also Sonate K.310 Mozart, Chopin F minor Fantaisie, Schumann Fantasiestücke, Weber Invitation à la valse, some Scarlatti sonates, Liszt Rhapsody n° 6 Rimsky Korsakoff bumble bee.”

Ah Salle Pleyel, what a beautiful sounding hall (which they need to give back to us).

ahahahah da zalle pleyel iz where moz of da legendary MART VIDZ r made

includin da MOTEL rappah 6 if i zheeyat correctly 8)

Since the Philharmonie opened they don’t host any classical concerts at Pleyel anymore (although I went there for a random ballet sheeyat last year).

Still does not sound like da ziff to moi…

It’s the real deal Mikhail. The ziff mofos are just playing coy. A habit I’ll strip them of soon enough.

You think it is real?

I think INA France must have more unknown material.
Remember Meloclassic, his best videos were from that source (and probably he payed a small fortune to get all of these…)

Something well-worth investigating…

I think it sounds like ziff, even has the odd impro-ed extra. TM is right though pointing out more lh notes missed than you expect from ziff.