da ZIFFz ultimate picz

hahaha, check diz -

r dere any othaz? 8)
ziff smile.JPG

every tru mofo shud recognize diz cap, who knowz wut diz iz from? 8)

Da ziff in shades is da best pic EVAR


hahaha which 1 iz dat?

my avatar is da best pic ever, biatches

haha, phantom of da ziff

Probably dis…

bijscholing.vub.ac.be/rest_cziff … ndtile.htm

haha, if anyone in here were a real gensui wid photoshop, dey could make dat into one of dosoe 3-D things were if you stare at it long enough, an image of da Ziff unleashin would pop out 8)

here da ziff demonstrates his tech

da translation iz

"here da ziff manages to find da time to give a FUCK YOU to da cameraman while unleashin on a random ChopEt 8)