da Zim Jap online sale

20 mins after the start of the sale:

Da grey are da one taken.

Freaking japanese people. a bit inzane

i wazn’t too imprezed when i heard da zim few years ago

very clean playing but not much else

he alzo randomly blurted out unwelcome n random remarkz during the course of the conzert

latimesblogs.latimes.com/culture … debut.html

i know it’s a few years old, but i bet he didn’t mind that fatass american paycheck

what a fucking asshole

pollini used to pull that shit but spouting pro-communist comments and was appropriately booed

shut the fuck up and play the goddamn piano

While I might agree with you, I am sure no one would complain if an american pianist “spouted” meaningless nonsess such as “support our troops”.

I suppose that depends where they would be spouting such nonsess doesn’t it?

i would certainly complain!

Good for you!

tiz tru

i dont fork up many dollarz to lizten to peniz sharing their political viewz