Da Zlit chills on da Bee on a “Moscow” brand 88

I bet da slit loves Lomos!

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Yo she got WAY more interesting after going off da deep end

And yes, bee furry porn exists

I’d like to see her start a piano duo with the gav now.


Piano would explode from all that fury!

Plus they would not get along politically lmao

Poss bang it out

Maybe that key to world peace

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Plot twist:

Gav still wearing da Richter panties from 1983!

I miss her YouTube channel. Super small group of people who have a well developed perv audience who can play fairly well.

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basically da only vid when u type moskva piano



Haha Moskva piano endorsement cummah

Da Zlit dueling a piano roll reproduced at the wrong speed

Da Bosen plays with more soul.

denazification fo da bosendorfer :sunglasses:



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