Da ZLIT CHOPNOCT 55-2 (wtf, it’s good)



anyone else watched?

I don’t hear any reason why she can’t be at least on the same level as YW.

Tru, I think she plays better den da Yuja :blush:

Listen to my bootleg version then report back.

Yes, I haven’t listened to this but Val did some remarkably beautiful things between ca mid 00s and mid 10s. But even then not always, and as Brew hints she appears to have completely lost it now alas. From my limited view of her it looks like things began going downhill with Russia’s 2014 incursion in to Ukraine, which she actively supported and took a lot of beating for, from where she went on to collapse entirely around last spring/summer when JBY died with whom she had a bitter legal dispute. We’ll see if this concludes her tale or not. By pianist standards she’s still young and there’s plenty of time to turn this around, but in her case I don’t think it’s a matter of finding back to music or begin practising again, but rather to recover mentally as a human being. And as Pogo shows if nothing else, there’s no guarantee for that… And even people who do rarely become the same as they were before.

Agreed with xsdc. She can play beautifully, no question about that.


da ZLIT!!!

a top-10 living penizt fo zhor, n alzo randomly note

zhe uzed to look even bettah den zhe playz tru 8)

Diz an instantly clazzic perf!