Da ZLOW Demon Community - Recz dat take zlow tempi but work

zlowah den uzual…but workz great

wut elze?



Whoopz I meant :rectum: D960.

:wim: did inspire me tho…

to rewatch dis legendary parasheeyat


Imho hell no. Samuil Feinberg or bust. Nobody comes close. Sofro is particularly unsuccessful in most Scriabin rep dat requires insane tech, unpopular opinion, I know.

Works that were written to be fire-breathing speed demon mofos simply don’t work well in slower tempi…

For most romantic rep, Da tempo isn’t even up for debate.

Ahahahah da zemi well-behaved zepp

:wim:: ma octz haff bettah rubato :sunglasses:

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Wim rubato a sumwut legendary sheeyat