an SDC memba…datz rite…hatez da KAN n da ZIFF

hahaha, fuck off, explain, repent, o be banished…


explain yozelf, u chilean mazzeur

where’s da proof

(proof no older than 5 months)

I enjoy many Alkan’s works except Festin d’ Esope and Hands reunited etudes but that would be…

And i once said i didn’t like cziffra’s op.25 no.6 but i DO like his other unleashings like the hungarian raps, op.10 no.1 and other chopets and his God damn Improvisation video.

what the hell is “mazzeur”

‘except Festin d’ Esope ’

hahaha WTF

diz iz among ma top 5 fav piano piecez of all fuckin tym

a mazzeur iz wut u iz

well… anyway i like scherzetto, scherzo diabolique, the sonata of the 4 ages (Something like that) and others…

and i’m into the speed 8 :wink: