Dark impro (short suite of miniatures)

A lot of this in a late :pimp: / wankah ztylee, especially the third mini-movement (5.53) where I think da influencez are pardickularly obviouz.

So not very sdc-oriented, pozz…

Largely about chromatic harmonic movement and ambiguity and sonority.

Grr, I am having the occasional problem with my mics, every now and then a spiking type effect in the audio wave. I removed almost all of them in izotope but good as it is as an audio repair tool I couldn’t get the full set out. Annoying if this persists.

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dayum dude. Nice reverb effect on this one, you used a different plugin?
diz almost sounds like some kind of synthesizer.

It’s actually UNREVERBED. I moved the mics a little bit, gave them more space and was quite aggressive with the noise reduction. I was very precise in balancing the channels in Audacity and also there were spots where I really beat the crap out of the 88.

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damnnnn. dats a pedal effect? rezpek.

I’ve used the una corda in places, alongside playing mf and above

haha rezpek da LOW VIBRATIONS toward the end


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Ahaha da niggahnazi ztylee coda sect!

Pozz a bit inzpired by da ORAGEMOFO tbh…

da feztin GOTH phaze



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I thought dey opened da pubz in zcotland :sunglasses:

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in thotland

Not properly for a few weeks, loads were still closed yesterday.

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I haff a very long CAMELCLOAK fo rectalz, not sure if it will be wize to perform in it in da summah.

Dis general ztylee


Random dat festival has gensui engineering on all da recs!

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I wonder what daily life is like for mini Gekic. Daily cape wear etc.