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Let’s put out a YouTube promotion for DASDC!

It’s not that I mind people writing “thanks”, but when that’s all you’re doing? It just seems to me like a failed solution to have them keep writing it and the rest of us keep reading it. Brew’s suggestion would solve the issue too, but maybe with the drawback that I can imagine much more of the rec posting would then be done over PM or e-mail instead. With a >>100+ restriction you at least have the option to send a PM to the thread starter if you see something of interest you don’t have access to.

Anyway, just an idea - and I thought I’d put it out there sooner rather than later to fend off accusations that I just want to keep things accessible to myself. It’s the nonsense messages I want to get at, not really the restrictions (though I with a collection of mostly things my friends have recorded over the years would appreciate some way of not having to post for every bloke with an account too so the recordings just don’t get autoforwarded to youtube or other public places, which is an issue for many - including me).

Another option would be to dust off the trusted members list and use that instead of the 100 posts option.
Then we’d have unrestricted, trusted members and elite.

In fact scrap that part… I guess if you don’t want to post something to a large group of unknowns you wouldn’t post it for a small group of unknowns either, and so the point is lost. Yeah, maybe Brew’s idea to just drop the restrictions altogether is best. Or to leave things as they are - there is apparently at least one here who feels much stronger about this than I do.

Yeah. Whatever. Nevermind. :wink:

xsdc right.
Bring back da brothel!
Our founding fathaz envisioned a conztitutional crisis like Diz one, and specified something called “da exclusive joint” which was later renamed da secret brothel.

One solution would be start posting da extra restricted only in da brothel.

Personally I think we need the restrictions. For one, I frequently post giant sets and if there were no restrictions you can bet the links would get shared far and wide, and my server would get hammered. Also, sometimes there are recordings that you don’t want just anybody to come in and download.

But I love sharing the rare stuff here because I enjoy discussing it with other people, and when there’s a shared appreciation for the material, it’s all worth it.

Like xsdc said, several of the new members will reach 100+ group by way of 92 ‘thanks’ posts and 8 recordings. Not sure that should entitle anyone to a special sub-group, but that’s how it is. That’s why I use the Elite group to post things I don’t want circulated far and wide.

So, I generally post most items for active members only, to encourage participation. Really great stuff or big boxes I’ll post for 100+ members, to give new members more incentive to participate. And anything rare that we don’t want getting widely circulated, I post to elites only (there are only 20 or so members) and stipulate that it not be circulated.

Tru, I think it’s a pretty good system.

I like to share some rare stuff because these days I can’t listen to all of it anyway.

Any update on this?
I know da mart is MIA these days but is there any problem just opening up the old sdc sheet archive to non-brothel members?

reads this thread

OK I will try to be more active on this forum

welcum back u mofo and enjoy da new recz 8)