DASDC Sheet music archive

I’m willing to host a sheet music archive if people can contribute to it. If anyone here has a nicely organized archive with all the good stuff, let me know if you feel like sharing and I’ll host it online for one and all.

I know IMSLP is great and all, but there are so many old printings and duplicates, and now with the ads and download limits, I’d rather just have an Archive here.

Once we have a few responses, I’ll set up a public DIR that we can all dump files into. Once it’s organized we’ll sticky the link.

We used to have one here.
Do you know what happened to it?
Maybe da mart could just transfer that over to your server?

We would love that! Great idea!

I still have the link to dasdc sheet music archive…


Let’s make dat link active again, tru.

Dat one is brothel-only, harshly can’t access it 8)

Shall I post the password here? Or should it be in a locked thread?

Let’s have Chris decide where we will host this mofo tru

If you can PM me the password, I’ll raid it and re-host it on my server. And I’ll set it up so that we can all add to it.


Im sure we could source some gems from pianophilia too

rezpek! 8)

Turns out there’s a TON of stuff in that archive, so it would take forever to site rip it and post to my server. Maybe we’ll see if knar is cool with opening it up for elite group or 100+ or something.

holy shit 8)

Wow, sounds cool!
1 step closer to 100+

I’m going to make myself very unpopular here… But if the forum software allows it, wouldn’t it be better to change 100+ to 500+ or maybe even 1000+? Or remove it altogether and stick to the elite group (which I didn’t know existed)? I’d appreciate the ability to post threads not accessible to everyone with an account, but 100 seems to me to encourage spamming behaviour just to reach that number without either participating or contributing (which we’re seeing from two members right now AFAIK), whereas I’d guess most people would see 500 or 1000 as just too far away to spend the energy on unless you’re really interested in taking part. And yes I’m perfectly aware both would certainly leave me out for the foreseeable future, but if it meant I wouldn’t have to plow through thread after thread with 0 value posts each time I sign in… I’d be cool with it.

I think we should just add the worthy members to the elite group and go from there.

Posts can be restricted to elite only tru 8)

Can someone add da XSDC to da elite group?

Great, so I might get access in 2-3 years then.
Seems strange to go on a recruitment campaign only to exclude new users afterwards, but that might just be me. :confused:

Edit just to add: I don’t mind these worthless posts you talk about, but, to be frank, I mostly see them from established members.

Personally I am in favour of leaving things unrestricted.
The restrictions were orignally designed to stop people leeching stuff then cross posting to gamingforce.
I doubt that it an issue anymore.

Also worthless off topic posts is one of the things that makes dasdc :comme:

Datz rite!
I think as more people remain active we can get this stuff sorted out tru

Exactly! I also enjoy the loose atmosphere here that don’t get with the uptight guys over at pf, never going back there.