Remembah when yo azz told moi u can imagine moi in Chopin?

I will outChop all da plastick non-legato cultural revolution peasant schoolgirls

I may be a LISZTIAN n a lunatic, but damn, I haff a conception ov how CHOPIN shud go n his fuckin aesthedick, n everyone else can SUCK MA FAT DONG

Ok, here is a ZURKA rape thru

What we haff presented now in COMPS n da :chop: comp as “chopin”, is a heresy, an abortion n da

Fathas of those peasant commie :cn: schoolgirls should be rounded up n forced to assemble Fleshlight or Lang Bang Rising Star Commie Shitbag Pianos for the good of the people

-Da trumofo


Ok, I will prepare ma best n try to pass da rigorous rigged selections fo Miami


TRU da chop m*zik verzatile enuff dat it cud zuztain multiple interp ztyleez

go wiz yo own cuntception n da jury vil be on board zoonah or latah :sunglasses:

alz pick rep dat magnify yo ztrengthz

zo any zong dat zound lyk eithah PIMP or ZCRIB

lyk da 25/10 or prel #22

dun pick a zheeyat lyk da 10/8 or shitzo2, where u noe da zchoolgirlz vil haff da advantage of

actually lovin da zong :sunglasses:

TRU keep up da GENSUI n u got diz MOFO :fire: :musical_keyboard: :sunglasses:


Hahaha truuuuu

gl with that. tru chop’ztaz vil unleazh da fury on 10/1 @ mei ting level and inzta advance to da 2nd round.


sup mofo

6 months latah, da TM got da selection rep into concert condition, recorded da selection vids n applied to both Chop Comps


Also, these comp preps is like 6 month projects fo each comp group dat I apply to

Lyf is rushing by. Daim.