David Fray

Don’t recall a discussion of this pianist.
What do you guys think of him?
I remember finding it VERY hard to watch him but I’ve been listening to his Bach 4th Partita and really like it, particularly the allemande.
Is he actually a good musician, or do I just have poor taste?

If people want I can upload the CD in question (also contains Boulez 12 Notations), although I just cancelled my filepost subscription. :confused:

I zaw him laz yr in tocz + partitaz prog

gud toc 914 n partita 2

wiz da inzane hunchbacked pozture (zame az da CHIN)

da PERAHIAHAHA haff da correct rhythm youtube.com/watch?v=cCbarMetbGk
da group of 4 barz makez one huge bar, inception ztyle :lib:

ahahah da PERHAHA tech unpredicktably zolid

da rappah 12 vid pozz da moz polizhed FURY in diz piece, tho granted dat dun mean tiz gud :sunglasses:

Yeah I saw da piranha play Bach last year, gud sheeyat!

wrt da posture, I just don’t know how people can be comfortable playing like that. Piers lane was the same, full quasimodo style.

hahaha I rezpec diz conztrained playin
lyk da ziff playin with glovez n da duch playin trillz jumpin around da bench on one leg 8)

I think Weissenberg and Fiorentino are also pretty good in Partita 4 too.

I like David Fray