dealing with aches&pains

Do you guys ever get finger-aches after practising? When I practise pretty hard a day later my fingertips are all hurting and it’s very hard to start the next day’s practice.

Occasionally after some time my hand (either of them) just refuses to keep moving. It doesn’t seize up or cramp, it just…stops reacting and then I can’t play anymore that day.

Has anyone heard of these occurrences? Coming from music schools and all, I don’t doubt you all practise more than I do - I practise really little in fact. How does one deal with things like that?

(also how much time do you badasses spend practising, i’m actually worried i’m too lazy for music school)

I’ve never had real trouble with my fingertips or cramping up, and if I have any pains, they never last so long that I can’t play the next day… Sucks man!

Only trouble I have is in my wrists, no matter how relaxed I play or how hard I try not to strain, my wrists always hurt. Well, not ‘hurt’, but feel overused. But same thing, the next day I don’t even notice it even if I praxed for 4 hours chopets the day before

And I don’t spend that much time, around 3 to 4 hours MAX a day, and I usually take a 1 day complete break every week.

az zumone who’z handz are contantly dealin wit zum cripplin ailmentz i recommend u take many breakz :gav:
zit properlu when at a computah
zee a phyzio-rapizt
:stop: :chop:

tru, taking breaks is win. i usually take a 15 to half hour break every 45 mins/1 hour.