Debargue will perform Alkan's concerto for solo piano

I just saw on Facebook that Lucas Debargue will perform Alkan’s concerto for solo piano. Very interesting!

" Lucas is bringing ➡️ 29, October to Toronto Koerner Hall a NEW exciting PROGRAM. Among others, he is playing “Concert for solo piano” by Charles-Valentin Alkan, cryptic French romantic composer and pianist. About “Concert for solo piano” is said: "The style and form of the music take on a monumental quality - rich, thickly set textures and harmonies, conjure up the sound world of a whole orchestra and tax the performer, both physically and mentally, to the limit.”

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That will be sick!!!


hahaha i wundah if he wuz feelin a WEE bit of prezzha to learn thiz zheeyat :ho:

until next tym :skull: :sunglasses:


That hit the g spot of my pun-gina.

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Debargue, when Wee’s name is mentioned:

A mofo.

If he plays it half as well as the Wee rec dat’s a result.


he played only da firzt mvmt, explaining da whole zheeyat waz too long to fit in a prog part

a LIE cuz afterward he played 20 minz of chop encorez
sum orcheztral / big picture qualitiez but overall a bit ZLOW :comme:
his tech mo comparable to da gibbonz den da :doc:
alzo a WTF bright tone non-JEFF piano :lib:

diz waz filmed and zhud appear on Concerts in a few dayz


Basically a bit of a bait n switch?

Rezpek :sunglasses:


from hiz perspective he programmed zart n chop in firzt half az a bait to non piano nerdz :whale:


Vixen tactics!

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She so wise. I want to publish a book with her called:

“Art of Whore”

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Is already here if zum1 haz da accezz, if no I can try to rip it aftah eaztah Lucas Debargue performs Mozart, Chopin, and Alkan

Debargue is extremely overrated.

Hell, pussy is probably overrated! (I wouldn’t know)


I went to Debargue at last rectal at Carniggah. Of course he played Gaspard (he’s no prime (Festin) Pogo). Can’t even remember what else he played.


He had some excellent moments at the competition, but I’ve found him boring since then.


No accezz, prolly not gud

He playd some really good Medtner

Yeah, his Medtner is about the only thing I’ve liked.

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