Debargue will perform Alkan's concerto for solo piano

I just saw on Facebook that Lucas Debargue will perform Alkan’s concerto for solo piano. Very interesting!

" Lucas is bringing ➡️ 29, October to Toronto Koerner Hall a NEW exciting PROGRAM. Among others, he is playing “Concert for solo piano” by Charles-Valentin Alkan, cryptic French romantic composer and pianist. About “Concert for solo piano” is said: "The style and form of the music take on a monumental quality - rich, thickly set textures and harmonies, conjure up the sound world of a whole orchestra and tax the performer, both physically and mentally, to the limit.”

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That will be sick!!!


hahaha i wundah if he wuz feelin a WEE bit of prezzha to learn thiz zheeyat :ho:

until next tym :skull: :sunglasses:


That hit the g spot of my pun-gina.

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Debargue, when Wee’s name is mentioned:

A mofo.

If he plays it half as well as the Wee rec dat’s a result.