Democracy is dead

Jesus fuck this shitty katy perry sia adele ripoff beat croatia and finland. We should just hand the keys to putin at this point. Western democracy is done!


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The oliver tree capture my sentiments.


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If she’s worked a full day in 20 years I’d be shocked.


Lmao it’s just another globalist media puppet. They’re all irrelevant

Ooh the american hero special counsel behind the trump prosecution speaking soon. :us: :us: :us: :popcorn: :popcorn: :popcorn:

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I think I’m watching several female and even male reporters climax talking about trump’s big criminal indictment. Respek this overtness.

It’s only because they’re also watching da :lola: tapes.

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She def do conjugal visits if he gets locked up.

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A certain bizarre synchronicity in Bojo standing down as an MP today.

I saw that. Kinda funny partygate took him out after all the covid stuffs. Just like the trump selling secrets when his whole presidency was about enriching himself might’ve finally kneecapped him in a roundabout way.