DENIZ da MENACE -officially certified TRU MOFO

shamefully diz mofo wuz recognized on da fuckin 88ztreet b4 da SDC wuz ready to give him credit,14322.0.html

to quote da MART:

"u need a legend + politicz to beat da :rudy: "

az diz rec teztifiez:

:ho: :stop: :stop: :stop: :stop: :stop:

the speed is too funny.

anyway, what version of da ho’s transcript is he playing? some passages sound different than i remember.

love the 30 sec of applause to make it look like he takes time

new definition of tempo rubato,

go fucking fast,
sulk in the applause. it all adds up to the same amount of time in the end
much respec


My piano teacher says that this this piece is nott hardd

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hahahahaha u cock, u cummah to diz topic juz to unleazh a mild quazi-dizz? 8)

I’ve actually seen and filmed his Prok 3rd live and that Carmen as an encore bout 2 months ago, but my camera is gay and I can’t upload it 8)

the coda he played then was twice as nuts, more added descending octaves in the left hand and a faster run :slight_smile:


fix yo cam 8)


Diz shit is fazt, da speed n fury :astonished:

ive heard a slightly easier one of da ho’s tranzcription, DIZ is CG.!!!

Hahaha wut do u mofoz think ov da DENIZ az a

zeriouz muzician :sunglasses:

I harzhly find him a bit zo-zo

BUT a gensui prezence n perzonality pozz :sunglasses:

I heard him in Carnigga twice

Like I said before, he maintains like 12+ concs in his rep per season

Da solo progs - are usually hastily reviewed older rep

Da best deal is hearing him in concs, he plays absolutely gloriously when he is in top shape. His huge tone and clarity finally give the carnigga audience something worthwhile after da Ughida facials and da Schitt pedal-free whimper and da Trif gramacing hunchback whispers