dezcending chromatic chords?

Any way you practice this kind of thing? It is very strange at time I found.

eg, Ziff Lightsabre dance

not really anything but playing deze with 1235 fingering (both hands) n those with a blackkey on top in the right hand with the 4th finger lol.

practisin it tremolo-like (lyk in the chop etude in thirds with the descending diminished chords in both hands) might help, otherwize dno ^^

I don’t have a piano here, so I can’t say if I’d use 1234 on black keys or just 1235 all the way through, but I’m thinking the latter.

pozz ways to prax:

  • roll the chords (up and down, with and without rhythms)
  • diff combinations in fingering (only 1 and 2, 1 and 3, 1 and 5, 2 and 3, 2 and 5, etc), all the way down (and up)
  • combine diff combinations in both hands together
  • play them as tremolo’s like 25/6 as w3sp pointed out, but also in double stops (13 25, 15 23, 1 235, etc)
  • play each chord 2, 3 or 4 times to really “feel” the chord
  • make quick movements, afap, moving from one chord to the next, without playing them, so playing mute.
  • same, but playing the chord, staccatissimo and immediatly ready your hand on the next chord, without playing it, then play it, and move to the next afap, etc.
  • play them as alternating chords with both hands

etc etc, can’t think of everything now, too tired, but this should already get you somewhere, might think of some more then i’ll post them!

these two are really good methods. personally i use 1235 1245 1234 depending on the shape of the chord, and go at it martellato.

I fingah diz mofo 1234

but i play it by openin up da lid n glizz rapin da ztringz harp ztylee 8)

hahahah :dong:

ic 8)