Deze Camera Anglez 📷

  • Zheeyat n too cloze up
  • Actually wikid n refrezhing

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Two thoughts - the extreme close up is only JUST too close. pull out a bit and it’d be fine (dats what she said)

second - dat tech’s a bit :ghey: almozt :poon:-ish, so it doesn’t look great close up anyway. If you go in dat close, da tech has to be FLAWLEZZ (MICKY, DOC, :rectum: etc.)

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Tru, a closeup is pretty much only good for an extreme SHRED.

bezt 88 cinematography iz da MART channel with nouvelle vague camera motion matchin m*zic intenzity :sunglasses:




Damn. A good piano plus a good hall will sound GENSUI even on highly average equipment

What kind of vid cam was this?

Ahahahah da WHALE paid $1000 fo diz vid :sunglasses:


Haha fuck.

iz it a tru MART vid unlezz there’s a thumb over the lens or mic at key momentz?

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tha clazzic roque-mart vidz wer tha bezt zheeyatz on tha tube fo a while :sunglasses:

highlightz were tha LUGY in cargo zhortz n iizc tha WHALE noticin n lookin at tha directah MART :whale:
tha WHALE havin a zmokbrbtru wit zum random chick, pozz othahz :icon_stopw_sdc_473:

ther wuz alzo a random DONGAH :rocky: 23/2 that wuz a legit gud interp if i zheeyat correct but pozz it nevah made it to tha tube; pozz it alzo wuz not at tha roq :dong:


I remember a comment on a MARTVID where some mofo accused him of air-conducting with the tripod.


282k views far surpass his typical numbers. Sexy!

I heard da LUGY in NYC. Rach paganini with PLATE condfucking expertly.

Decent perf, sumwhat muffled in da (then named) Avery Fisher Hall. I would not go pay to hear him again tho.

Feet in view

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