DG signs Sokolov


I don’t know about you guys but I am hella excited. Sokolov is definitely my favorite living pianist.

Yea it’s going to be very exciting!

I wonder if he could bring repertoire like this on the legendary yellow label


fuck yeah

DG has some making up to do 8)

meh, still not enough to save DG.

at least this proves that there is at least one person in DG who hasn’t sold out yet 8)

I’m going to disagree with all of you and say the Sokolov is not a rounded enough artist to record for a mainstream label - he’s a very polarizing artist with limited mainstream appeal. I like some of Sokolov’s recs as much as the next guy, but the consistency isn’t there. Nelson Freire puts out one great recording after another, while I don’t think I’ve even heard a single Sokolov concert that was consistently good all the way through.

His previous releases have been very mixed. Those were chosen for release as the best of his concert recordings… but if the best of his concerts are that variable, how are they going to get good recordings out of an aging, stubborn pianist who refuses to go into the studio?

well tbh, I am not a huge fan of sokolov but I will reserve judgement until I have the chance to hear him in person.
Unfortunately being well rounded doesn’t really seem to be one of DG’s selection criteria don’t you think?
Agreed about Freire btw, can’t wait to see him. Still working on getting the recording equip though.

Out of the non-bootleg Sokolov recs (I haven’t heard bootlegs), which ones did you find to not be satisfactory? I thought the Chopin and the Brahms were outstanding (at or close to being my favorite recordings of the works) and everything else was pretty good. Freire’s recordings are good too of course but none of them seemed outstanding in any way. I’d love to hear your opinion though.

Well, Like I said, the Chopin Preludes and Op. 25 Etudes are his best recordings, though I wouldn’t say they’re definitive by any means. Those may be the only official Sokolov recordings I actually like.

For my taste, most of his playing is heavy handed and full of ridiculously self-indulgent rubatos. I’m not a huge fan.

I disagree about Freire. The last 8 of his albums have been easy 10/10. Even his latest, which I wasn’t really looking forward to, turned out to be excellent. (Beethoven Emperor/Op.111). Phenomenal pianist with immaculately refined touch and natural, phrasing.

I saw his Emperor/Op. 111 disc on Amazon but I didn’t get it because I thought that his style wasn’t truly suited to those pieces (IMO he’s not really a heroic pianist). But I might give it a listen as per your recommendation. :smiley:

Here’s the details on the first release if you haven’t seen it yet:

Really, not excited…and he’s one of my favourites. He’s already released the Chopin Preludes, so really in terms of new content, we are getting some Mozart and a few encores.

And here is the recording to listen to for free:


You may have to sign up (but it doesn’t hurt).

Depressing. Why doesn’t Sokolov play in Prague? This fucking place. It’s so beautiful but for some reason pianists avoid it. More go to Budapest for some reason, which I kind of understand because the city is amazing, probably more so than Prague, I prefer it, but still, internationally-viewed they’re at least equals and people generally favour Prague.

How are the ladies in Prague?

I don’t know, I don’t meet any. I tend to stay away from them, I feel I have too much history for a relationship.

Too much history to have a future.

Watch Eternal Sunshine :sunglasses:


I’ve seen it and like it, it’s really good and a lot of fun too.

Perhaps (some) women tend to think of relationships as some kind of path to the future (or about the future), but I think they’re about the present, of being there and sharing the present moment, and that’s something I couldn’t give. Also I’m only interested in Russians and/or women who are ex-whores, whores or repressed whores.



haha what? Being in the present with an ex-addict is A-OK here.

BTW I am wrong about Sokolov and Prague. I forgot about his last recital here which I didn’t attend. I just saw that Prague isn’t on the 2019 list so far.