Diablusinmusica / classicalpippo - where did it go?

hello all
seems this site is no longer available since today - anyone know if it moved and where to ?

Post said the guy was having medical trouble but don’t know details outside of that and it started to slow down after his announcement.

He posted many good recs over the year, but all on really slow file hosting services, broken down into parts - with timeouts and limits

His old blog is still up tho (don’t know about links)


Dang, i thought diz waz a hiztorical dizcuzzion about why da augmented 4th lozt itz fazination…

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I’m okay with it being gone. I’m hardly one to talk, but I think even sharing files in private is borderline. Brazenly posting thousands and thousands of CDs on a public site is sketchy. Especially when it’s for profit, like this guy tried to do many times.

Again, not that I didn’t download from there a few times, but I still don’t think it’s cool.


Hahaaha da @iamcanadian moral ambiguity :tmfury:


Basically he was just re-posting things downloaded from other websites or torrent sites, so there is nothing to lose if you are familiar with those original sources.

Mildly tru, complete CDs in flac on an active blog, publicly searchable - is a bit of a liability

Wait, he tried to sell dem too?

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He used to post the links via adfly, which means you need to watch some ads before you can see the real link. And he can get money from clicks.

At an average Adfly pays you $2/1000 visits to your links

Daim, dats close to nothing.

Ture, but he still did that…
The best way to make money is to create your own cloud service and anyone who want to download needs to pay for the service first, like how Israbox did with its own Isracloud. But they have those resources…

The best way to make money is have money to invest. Then invest wisely.

Me? I’m going to have to marry into money :hui: n watch da funds like a hawk


Do you know how to make a small fortune? Start with a large one…



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