Diabolus in Musica (Pippo 9) blog--any malware problems with downloads?

Just looking for some input on Pippo 9’s blog…I used to follow it some years ago. At the time, he was using “adfly” for storage/downloading and shifted over awhile ago to “uptobox”.

With “adfly” downloads, I was getting a lot of malware alerts, the usual screen freeze warnings, etc.

Has anyone recently downloaded from Pippo’s blog? If so, any problems or advices?

(He’s been posting a string of APR piano releases recently, some of which have been posted previously on DASDC, some not.)

Thanks for any input. R.

Thanks for the tip. I’m now downloading the APR Grainger set, and it seems to be going well so far - in fact better and faster than when he used the “adfly” sheeyat.

Edit: no problems opening the file. It’s also nice that I can just download one of five CDs of the box. It’s really an excellent blog!

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Glad to hear. Thanks for the input.

Not sure if you’ve been watching his site for a long time or not, but if the latter, perhaps worth mentioning that he does a fair amount of historical piano items, though he usually runs on certain music types for awhile, then moves to another, etc. Point is that newcomers to his site might find value in going back into some of the older posts.

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There’s also a FLAC version of de Greef there. :+1:

I haven’t been able to keep up with these blogs in a long time, but when I download from them I use a download manager called jDownloader which shields me from these pop-ups and suspicious ads.

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Thanks, man. I used to visit there a lot, but lost the habit when he changed hoster to one of the uploaded.to sites which never worked for me. Good to know he’s back to using a decent hoster - just downloading the 5CD APR Myra Hess set. :+1: I also use jDownloader and it’s great for keeping all the nasties at bay.


Adfly was just a URL masking middle man between the blog and the old download site uploaded.net. This allows the blog owner to monetize his posts, which I am highly opposed to. Either way, use an adblocker and you’ll be fine.

Personally, for the one of out every 100 posts that I actually want to DL, I just bookmark them until I have a bunch saved up, then buy a month of whatever downloading service they’re using. I can’t be bothered waiting 2 hours between downloads.


I’m curious where you draw the line on monetisation. If instead of adfly he used, say, Patreon, would you mind?

Well, monetization from ads is only a few pennies anyway

Yes. I mind anyone making money off of someone else’s work.

Same goes for Youtube people posting music. Monetizing that is bullshit and every one of those channels should be shut down.

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It’s a grey area in my opinion. We’re all taking profit away from people and companies by sharing their recordings. The difference with Pippo is that he is sharing with everyone (or anyone who can find his channel), so I don’t see it as a problem for him to make a pittance off of ads on download sites.

I agree about monetising your YT channel when it’s made up only of others’ recordings.


But he has no expenses related to distribution except his time and energy. I agree file sharing between friends is not exactly ethical, but actually setting up a web presence for the distribution and monetization of others’ copyrighted works is not in the grey area. I don’t care if it’s $20 or $2000 a month.

I run a server where my friends can stream movies and TV shows. If I started asking for $$ to cover the cost of running my server, I’d be making money from the value added by the movies and shows I’m distributing. After all, nobody would want to use my server if it only had my original content on there.


He used to post all the links with adfly, which means you need to go through a lot of ads, and maybe malware, in order to see the actual link. Then somehow he had an issue with adfly and those early adfly links no longer works now. Now he just post directly links, I think.


Yeah I agree with you, if he’s gone that far and is monetising it, then there’s no question. I guess like Invocation said he’s stopped monetising now. So now he’s just a dude sharing recs.

Does anyone here know of a popular YT channel which monetises but doesn’t own their material?