Die Kunst der Fuge

aka The Art of Fugue. What medium do you mofoz prefer in this piece? Piano? String quartet? Harpsichord? Saxophone quartet? :dong: I’m trying to get into this work and I have Koroliov’s piano version and an Emerson string quartet version. Personally I think fuguez are meant to be performed on a solo instrument, otherwise they lose their mofo character. 8) But I think from a listener’s standpoint, da sheer zound beauty of da ztring quartet may be difficult to beat. Thoughts? :rectum:

I like it on piano or harpsichord

Davitt Moroney’s two recs are really nice, and his completion of the final fugue iz da bezt

Sang by a choir of virgins waiting to be sacrificed , nothing else will do. :dong:

Seriously I prefer piano, I can’t find an organ or harpsichord version that I enjoy and go back to.