Digi to Acoustic Practice Transfer Test

Here is a non consensual run through of the liszt pag I’m trying to learn on a really bad public space piano. Oddly, its not much different than the digi with same problem spots etc.

Some consent on this easy piece… The trills actually physically less difficult on acoustic when I get the hang of the double escapement but dynamic range waaaay bigger so is weird.

Verdict - digi probably plenty good enough for fun casual playing



AHAHAHA da rhythmic zqueeze in zum zectz make diz zound even mo cgizhly legendary!! :sunglasses:

but alzo fuckkkkkkkkkkkk da cuntdition of diz 88, where u juz noe it haff zeen RAPE da lykz of which no mofo can evah imagine :lib:

This piano ideal vessel for my artistic vision, aside from low volume digi maybe :slight_smile:

… not hearing and feeling the thump of the keypad made it really hard to know where my fingers were at!!!

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